WordPress Website Design Company, Rhino Ruby Studios, Opens Office in Nantucket

Liz Gracia, former owner of the popular Morning Glory Cafe on Nantucket misses her island roots!

Here’s the scoop:

Liz Gracia, Founder Rhino Ruby Studios WordPress Website Design & Marketing Company

Liz Gracia, Founder

So in case you’re actually interested in knowing who you are dealing with….

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Liz Gracia, I am founder of Rhino Ruby Studios that is head-quarted in Basalt, CO, just outside of Aspen.

So, why, you may ask,  would we be offering our website design services to the communities of Southern Massachusetts including Cape Cod and the Islands?

Well my friends, I am a native Massachusetts girl, I grew up in Scituate, MA and spent many summer weekends on the Cape at my cousins’ home in Harwich. Then, on a summer trip after graduating from High School, I spent some time on Nantucket with my Best Girlfriends and some cute college boys. That did it! I was hooked on Nantucket!

I spent all of my summers between college working on Nantucket and went on to own and operate The Morning Glory Cafe  (home of the famous Morning Glory Muffins). I also started a retail operation known as Sweet Peas Home, which started on Nantucket and eventually moved off island to the Back Bay in Boston.

I still love visiting Nantucket and many of my life-long friends including the Casey-Blackwell contingent comprised of  Jeff (Backwell) & Mary (Casey) as well as Kate O’Connor, formerly of The Atlantic Cafe and Captain Tobey’s, to name a few. (If you know them, feel free to contact Mary, Kate or Jeff for a character reference!?$#!)

If you are a former employee or fan of The Morning Glory Cafe, I encourage you to “Like Us” on our Facebook Fan Page. Click here now.

Fran Picco, Nantucket Sales

Now that my sister, Fran Picco (also my Nantucket sales representative), has moved to Nantucket, I decided to “set up shop” on Nantucket as well so that I can take a

off for having my business on Nantucket (having my cake) and “eating it too”!  :) Not to mention I get to reconnect with small businesses and professionals from my roots on Cape Cod & The Islands.

Liz Gracia is the Chief Blogging Officer & Founder of Rhino Ruby Studios.Rhino Ruby Studios is a professional WordPress website design company that’s serious about SEO. We offer WordPress website design packages and WordPress website design with SEO to small to medium sized businesses and professionals that are serious about having a successful online presence.

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